Specialised Equipment for Inspecting, Testing and Cleaning any Mould Problems

Inspect for Moisture & Damp

  • Thermal imaging cameras detect moisture and danp problems behind walls.
  • Inspection cameras can detect mould and rising damp in areas that may not be accessible.
  • Penetrative and non penetrative moisture metres can detect moisture and damp on wall surfaces and inside wall cavities.

Mouldco fix all mould problems including onsite mould inspections and reports

Drying Moisture & Rising Damp

  • Our purpose built trailers are the most powerful drying facilities in Australia.
  • Fast drying is one of the most important equirements for effective mould removal.
  • Large heaters dry out wet sub floor spaces quickly. Our trailer mounted heating units are the fastest drying units in the country.

Mouldco provide drying of moist areas with our powerful onsite drying trailers

Cleaning & Removing Mould

  • Our company specialises in mould remediation using the dry ice blasting method.
  • HEPA filtered airscribers filter the internal air to remove mould spores.
  • Dehumidifiers and airmovers help remove humidity and moisture from the indoor environment.

Mouldco removes mould by treating the entire area with specalised drying equipment